Mar 13, 2017 | Posted by Paul Graham

Abuzz - a proposal that fortifies the future

Abuzz Solutions are a market leader in digital wayfinding.

With a strong design philosophy centred on user experience, they were the first company to create a successful format of electronic wayfinding from which an entire industry has emerged.

Our Challenge
With competitors popping up across an ever-changing digital landscape, Abuzz needed a pitch proposal that would confidently secure a long held contract for one of their early adopting clients. Abuzz needed to be seen in a fresh, forward thinking light… and fast.

Our Approach
Highlighting their human-centred approach to problem solving was a key factor in developing the format for the new pitch, particularly with the growing popularity of this school of thought.

A series of dots and arrows, creating fluidity and movement, connect with images of human interaction & Abuzz technology.

The Results
A showcase of technology, innovation and breadth of services amongst digitised typefaces and angular lines, demonstrate Abuzz’s adaptability for the future.

From concept and rollout to small run, customised, print production, we were able to hand deliver the final proposal to the client with a day to spare. Abuzz’s existing contract was re-engaged and they maintain their global leader positioning in wayfinding.

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Paul Graham
Paul Graham

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