Dec 09, 2016 | Posted by Paul Graham

Celebrating the Art of Hospitality

Complete Kitchenware are a commercial kitchen supplier in Sydney that support the hospitality industry. Boasting a huge and diverse range of products and services, they were looking to position themselves in the industry as a reputable, one-stop-shop supplier.

We approached this project with a creative sense of what drives and motivates young chefs and restaurant start ups. Through talking to the target market we revealed that Complete Kitchenware provide the tools that allow chefs to bring their creativity to life.

This insight inspired development for a new tagline… ‘the Art of Hospitality’ and creative direction for the brand.Building credibility and trust was a key driver in developing the logo. A simple yet timeless mark that encapsulates an iconic ‘CK’ monogram within a perfect circle, emphasising the brand’s commitment to quality and full-service approach to business.

Exploring the artistic brand essence further, we combined beautiful photography of ‘kitchens in action’ and ‘still life’ products, with a dynamic colour palette to create energy and excitement that drives the brand identity.

With creative strategy, logo development and brand identity underway, our next challenge was to redevelop the eCommerce presence. Our aim – to create a User Experience and Interface that would make finding products super easy, offer inspiration, motivation and create a faster route to purchase.

Stay tuned for the second instalment of the Complete Kitchenware project. 

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Paul Graham
Paul Graham

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