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Feb 23, 2018 | Posted by Paul Graham

Coffee Packaging - Best of Collection

Coffee packaging is unmistakably seductive stuff. From earthy natural bags that make you feel good about your purchase, to minimalist black/white packs that ooze sophistication. The typographic treasures that scream craftsmanship, to bold patterns, and beautiful illustrations that tell the ultimate tale of character. Even if you don't love coffee itself, you can fast become a lover of coffee packaging design.

Here are some of our favourite standouts ...

Drift Coffee Packaging

Drift Away Coffee

Off-the-shelf packaging can often be a great solution for budget conscious brands, and can still command great shelf presence. These simple brown kraft bags have been hand stamped with a logo and tailored with an individually designed flavour profile tag. Each one highlights the origin and tasting notes.

    Single O Coffee Packaging
Single Origin

Another off the shelf kraft solution, stamped with a logo and finished with an interchangeable custom print sleeve. The additional handwritten elements across each pack, provide a punch of brand personality/character. Minimal but really engaging.


LittleWolf Coffee Packaging
Little Wolf

Simplicity done well can have huge a BIG impact. Take little wolf for example - Clean white pouches in a less common shape/size speaks volume against the typical bold and black. Using a single branded design for the bag itself, each variety is identified through a simple colour coded sticker.


Deluca Coffee Packaging

Take a minimal colour palette, simple logo shape, matt finished bags and voila! - instant sophistication. The beauty of the Deluca series lies in the simplicity. Refreshing white bags (with the occasional blue), supported by an abstracted series of 'D' icons, work together to create a visually compelling identification system.


Origin Coffee Packaging
Origin Coffee

How to take the humble black coffee bag and make it great - turn each bag into a mindblowing masterpiece with commissioned artist works applied as stickers. To top it off these artworks form a travelling exhibition which accompanies coffee tasting events. Simple and oh so effective!


Archer Farms Coffee PackagingArcher farms Coffee Packaging

Archer Farms

Now for a brand with a bigger budget. These beautifully illustrated, designer bags form part of a rebrand for Target US's own brand Archer Farms. Powerfully charged with colour, each pack has been illustrated to tell the story of how and where the coffee was grown. In total there are more than 50 unique pieces of art that cover bags and boxes. Now that gets a WOW!


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