How to produce a killer brochure
Jul 17, 2018 | Posted by Paul Graham

How to Produce a Killer Brochure

Brochures aren’t always about big budgets. In 2015, our team at Emedia Creative won Gold at the Australian Catalogue Awards. The winner was our client, Kidstuff Children’s Toys, and we were up against powerhouse brands like Target, Myers and Kmart who have far more media spend. Our top brochure designers in Sydney can produce the same kind of award-winning brochures for your work, and we can do it at affordable price points. Here are some of the factors we look into as part of our killer brochure design system. 

Target audience

Think about whom you’re designing the brochure for. This will dictate the style and content of your document. For example, while investors and potential partners might care what your office looks like – because it’s a status symbol and an outward sign of savvy and success – your customers are more interested in your products and services.

So, while your annual report could showcase your staff and office space, your brochures should focus on customers. Lay out your most popular offerings in a clear, attention-grabbing manner, right from the cover. Also, think about whether the brochure will be posted or emailed. This will affect both physical and digital size since large documents cost more to post and take longer to load (online).

Image quality

If your customers will receive their brochure via email, use high-resolution images, but compress them to ensure they load faster. If they take too long to open, your customer will get bored and move on. At the same time, your choice of images matters. Customers respond better to items in context, with dynamic human images that contain some element of movement. With the right design team, even a pack shot can incorporate these elements.

Think about whether you want a photo shoot or licensed images, and let our team guide you on that. We can work out a deal that suits your budget, even if it isn’t on the high side. Never use ‘free images grabbed from Google’ because they’re rarely free and can get you into all sorts of copyright issues. Besides, your brochure leaves an impression on your clients, so you don’t want them thinking you can’t be trusted with intellectual property.

Text volume

The type and amount of words you use make a big difference, and we have a team of professional copywriters available. Avoid jargon and technical language that your customers will glaze over. Consider using tables, charts, infographics, or visually-oriented methods to display specs. This makes them easier to read and absorb.

Always include a clear call to action, nudging the customer on what they should do next. Don’t forget the testimonials. They seem cheesy and corny, but they do influence customers. Work with our copywriter to craft them in a way that isn’t smarmy or trite. Presentation is everything, and that applies to the words, pictures, and layout in your brochure.

To order your own killer brochure, professionally designed by our award-winning team, call Emedia Creative today on 02 9557 3366.

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Paul Graham
Paul Graham

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